Resilience Retreat - Spring 2021

Why are some people struggling on challenges where others go through this without any problem? The key is resilience, your ability to handle challenges in your life that come from work, family, relationships or your health. You will work with your natural potential to change and offer you scientifically proven techniques that will allow you to reconnect your body and mind and jumpstart your personal transformation.

Resilience-building skills are becoming essential for both personal and professional effectiveness as people cope to live in these fast-moving, complex times. The program addresses important topics such as vitality, stress, motivation, decision-making, relationships and health. Our methods will include building body strength with yoga and tabata, and learning relaxation and mind cultivation through mind cultivation techniques such as breathwork, meditation, journaling and creation of mandalas. This unique retreat is facilitated by certified teachers of Search Inside Yourself® and HeartMath®

Eva Baťa 

Certified Yoga Teacher, Snowboard Instructor, MBTI® Practitioner, Leadership Trainer, the first and only Mindfulness Teacher certified by Google born Search Inside Yourself® in the Czech Republic, founder of Live Your Life Project. 

Tereza Trnková

HeartMath® and Resilience Advantage™ Certified Trainer, Learning & Development Professional, PhD student at Faculty of Military Leadership, Certified Ski Instructor. 

Date: 30. April - 2. May

Language: English

Capacity: 20 participants

Venue: Kalimeta 

Address: Kuroslepy 96, 675 75 Kuroslepy

Accommodation: Double / Single rooms - your choice

Meals: Vegan full board including drinks and snacks

Price: 6200 CZK* (all inclusive) 

* Deposit of 50% of the price is payable upon booking, remaining price is payable upon check-in. Covid safety measures and social distancing will be in place. Deadline for booking is 31. March 2021. Discounted price for students is 5800 CZK.