Minimalism: List of things you can stop buying today

Copyright: Wholesome Culture
Copyright: Wholesome Culture
There are several sensible reasons for wanting to become a minimalist. Some people like myself are naturally inclined to it because they don´t like accumulating things. Having too many things makes me feel captive. Living in a cluttered house, spending hours shopping or deciding what to wear is my nightmare. It stresses me and I would much rather spend time with family and friends or playing outside. If this is not your case, please continue to read as there are other reasons. Minimalism affects your mind and less junk can contribute to your brain performing at a higher level. Little things will make you happy, you will be more present and mindful. You will spend less time sorting and cleaning and have more time for your hobbies. You will better manage your budget, have money for higher quality purchases and have more money left for traveling or charity. Minimalism reduces our impact on the environment by requiring less resources on the front end for production and reducing the amount of waste on the back end. Each of us have different values and needs, so think for yourself what would be your motivations for minimalism. If you are looking for a New Year resolution, have a look at the following list of things you can stop buying immediately. 
  1. CDs, DVDs, computer games. Really, there is no reason for buying those anymore. I consider Spotify membership is my best spent money every month. 
  2. Trendy clothes, fast fashion, items for single use. It takes 7600 liters of water to make a pair of jeans. Buy less quantity and more quality. 
  3. Souvenirs. They are usually bad taste junk anyway. Take photos instead. 
  4. Plastic bags. Get a couple of reusable bags and keep them in your handbag and your car. 
  5. Bottled water. Get a water bottle and refill it when you need. 
  6. Artificial air fresheners, body sprays, candles, fabric softeners. They smell bad and give you headaches.  Specifically fabric softener is the most useless item I know. Who would want to add more chemicals to our rivers, soil and seas?  
  7. Shavers and shaving creams. I cannot speak for men but if you are a woman, get an epilator for $30 which will last for 10 years. The pain goes away over time, the frequency of use is once a week as opposed to daily and your skin will look much better. 
  8. Tons of decorative cosmetics. Less is more. Let your skin breathe.  
  9. Toys for children. Your children surely get enough of toys from other family members or you can get used ones and then pass them on to someone else. Too many toys spoil creativity. 
  10. Pre-prepared meals such as pre-cut fruit, salad dressings. There are exceptions to the rule but most of them are expensive and full of chemicals.