Training and Coaching 


 MBTI® Feedback and Coaching

Learn more about yourself, how to communicate effectively with others and improve your relationships with family, friends, clients or coworkers. 

During MBTI® Feedback session, your results are provided to you by a certified administrator as part of an interactive discussion. This feedback can take place in a class or workshop, in a face to face or phone/video session. We will identify your personality type, made up of four basic preferences, and provide a framework to explain how you interact with the world and others. We learn to work through the differences, not avoiding, denying, or overriding those whose perspectives are different from our own. 

MBTI® coaching digs deeper into where do you get our energy from, what kind of information do you prefer to use, what process you use to make decisions, and what lifestyle do you prefer in relation to other people and in the context of group such as family or work organization. You will discover how your innate type affects the way you communicate, your values, your stress triggers, what are your natural strengths and weaknesses and how to develop them, drivers of your performance, and your learning style. We will uncover what actions of others irritate you and how to challenge that and turn that to your benefit. You will see how your preferences and characteristics develop over lifetime as you mature and what you experience in midlife.

Leadership Training

Increase your leadership skills, build high performing teams and accelerate the progress of your teams. 

Our training courses are designed based on client needs in the area of self awareness, time and energy management, mindfulness, and individual and team performance management. Application of sophisticated psychometric indicators increases the impact of the training.  

'Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.'  

Carl G. Jung